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The Financial Assistance program of VFOD awards funds to dance students who are serious about their studies, are disciplined and motivated in class, and who express and can document financial need.

Applicants may receive full, partial or no financial assistance as a result of submitting this application. If granted, the recipient and parent/guardian are required to fulfill certain requirements:

1. The recipient agrees to attend all dance classes for the duration of this award (September thru mid- May) unless prevented by illness, injury or circumstances previously agreed to by VFOD. Payment will be made directly to VVAD and the student is expected to attend the program in its entirety. If the dancer is unable to fulfill the commitment, VFOD will expect reimbursement for the assistance amount.

2. The recipient will follow dress code and class decorum required by VVAD.

3. Parents or guardians are required to volunteer 5-20 hours (depending on the amount you are awarded - see below.) at VFOD events during the period covered by financial assistance. Half the amount from September to December and the other half from January to mid-May. As stated in the VFOD/VYBC contract, these hours are additional to the 50 parent volunteer hours required if your child is a member of the Company.

$500 or less = 5 hrs $501 - $999 = 10 hrs $1k - $1499 = 15 hrs $1500+ = 20 hrs

Vail Friends of Dance is very serious about its role as a provider of funding to help dancers. It is an honor and a privilege to be awarded financial assistance. All funds are generated entirely through fund raising by un-paid volunteers. We expect the applicants and their parents to represent VFOD, their teachers and classmates in a supportive and respectful manner.

The information contained in your financial statement will be reviewed only by the financial committee of VFOD. All questions must be answered IN FULL by the student for the application to be processed and all required documents must be attached.



All application materials should be emailed to


Deadline is Thursday, August 18, 2022.

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