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Who’s Who?

Vail Youth Ballet Company (VYBC) – THE KIDS, THE DANCERS!

A select group of school aged advanced dancers who are enrolled at Vail Valley Academy of Dance, auditioned for VYBC, and have been accepted into this prestigious program.


Company Members

Ellie Drescher

Vivian May

Astrid McGinley

Jade Whiting-Morris

Clara Goehring 

Kylie Kirkham

Lyndsey Knauf

Scarlett Novak

Mikaela Gifford

Lily Danzoll

Cassidy Roach

Lucy Leeper

Abby Harrison

Vivian Anders

Theia Greshko

Gracie Johnson

Ava Harper

Tatum Prigge

Olivia Arseneau

Ellie Glass

Macie LaCross

Jamison Dixon

Lila Goike

Tatum Jaffe


Junior Members

Brooke Bodenhemier

Kate Holton

Leah Lawdermilk

Willow Uzdavinis

Ashley Wyatt


Company II Members

Charlotte Barclay

Fallyn Chalfant

Elsa Hasselbach

2023-24 Seniors
2023-24 Juniors
2023-24 Sophomores
2023-24 Freshman
2023-24 Junior HS
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