Vail Friends of Dance has provided local, affordable performances for the community including the holiday production of The Nutcracker and Peter Pan. The performances, would not exist without the efforts and financial support of Vail Friends of Dance. As a 501(c)3, Vail Friends of Dance raises funds every year and is entirely financially responsible for the the Vail Youth Ballet Company productions.  


During the Vail International Dance Festival, Vail Friends of Dance provides Vail Youth Ballet Company members complimentary attendance to Festival's Master Class Series. Company members are exposed to the teachings of professional dancers, choreographers and master teachers attending the Festival and within the community.


Since 1984, Vail Friends of Dance has dedicated its efforts to supporting and inspiring young dancers through education and financial assistance. Vail Friends of Dance presents performers and master teachers who bring the art of dance to Eagle County's community, benefiting local students and dance aficionados. Vail Friends of Dance and Anne Powell, Artistic Director of Vail Valley Academy of Dance founded the Vail Youth Ballet Company. Vail Friends of Dance is managed by a Board of Directors.  


The Vail Friends of Dance Board of Directors is comprised of voluntary (unpaid) members who meet on a monthly basis to discuss fundraising events, annual budgets and the distribution of funds.  


Vail Friends of Dance is proud to be able to offer a financial assistance program to the dancers and teachers.

Financial Assistance

For students who attend Vail Valley Academy of Dance, Vail Friends of Dance offers financial assistance for use in paying for classes for the school year (September-May). There is a formal application process that begins the first week of classes and closes September 15th. All candidates must provide financial records as well as letters of recommendation, and letters written by the dancer and a parent.


Summer Intensive Assistance

Financial assistance is also offered to those advanced dancers who audition for a summer program and are accepted. The application period for the Summer Intensive Assistance process is March 1st through 15th.


For more information, contact Joanne Morgan at 970.390.7246.

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The Vail Youth Ballet Company is an audition-based ballet company for advanced-level dancers. Dancers must be on pointe for at least one year to be eligible to audition. Auditions take place in the Spring with acceptance letters sent within 48 hours. Accepted members will submit their acceptance contract by August for the incoming school/dance year. 

Each year, Vail Friends of Dance gives more than 100 dancers and performers in Eagle County the opportunity to participate and perform in its professional-quality productions at the Vilar Performing Arts Center. In addition to putting on The Nutcracker and Peter Pan, Vail Friends of Dance provides thousands of dollars in scholarships, which help dancers from all over Eagle County pursue  their dreams.


Company members are encouraged to volunteer time as ambassadors with the Vail International Dance Festival at the Ford Amphitheater in Vail in July. This allows them complimentary access to performances and an appreciation as to the inner workings of the annual festival.

Vail Friends of Dance is a non-profit organization based in Eagle County, CO.