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Chair Open


Most Saturdays during Nutcracker rehearsal

Leads/Sewers -  backstage during shows


Commitment / Hours:

Lead  - 50 + hours, Helpers - 1 to 35+ hours


# Volunteers Needed:

3 to 6 per Saturday (depending on planned activities), but some work can be done at home.


Type of Work:

Fitting Costumes, Hand Sewing / Mending, Machine  Sewing, Organizing, Transport, Gluing/ Decorating


Other Info:

You DO NOT need to sew to work this committee! We are looking for a new  lead to take over in the next year.

Silent Auction

Chair Open


During Shows - Silent Auction

Some Organizing Prior to Shows


Commitment / Hours:

Cho-Chair: ~ 25 hours

Helpers - 4 hours per show

# Volunteers:

4 per Auction during shows

Type of Work:

Collection of auction items

Setup for Silent Auctions

Monitor the Auction

Hand out auction items to winning bidders


Other Info:

Looking for a Co-Chair that can take this over that ideally has at least 3 years left in company

Bake Sale

Kate Dresher


Baking Prior to Shows

During the Shows

Commitment / Hours:

Baking time - 1 dozen = 1 hour

Helping with bake sale - 4 to 6 hours across 2 performances

# Volunteers:

1 pre- show volunteer

4-6 during each show volunteers

Type of Work:


Set-up/Clean Up


Other Info:

All VYBC families should plan to bring something for the Bake Sale


Emily Marion & Theresa Anders


Mostly during show week

Some meeting before to refresh and fix props


Leads: ~20-25 hours

Helpers: ~ 10 hours

# Volunteers:

5 or more

Type of Work:

Load-in & Load-out

Painting and Crafting

Transport (large trucks needed)

Other Info:

This is a good activity to get dads involved in

Coordination with Costume committee for transport

Ad Sales

Karen Lee & Meggen Kirkham Open Co-Chair


Late August through Nutcracker


Commitment / Hours:

Lots of Hours Available

# Volunteers:


Type of Work:

Data Entry


Helping Sell Ads

Follow-up with businesses on artwork, payments, etc.

Writing thank-you notes to businesses

Other Info:

Need a Co-Chair that can take this over that ideally has at least 3 years left in company

Marketing & PR


Busiest mid-October to mid-December leading up to Nutcracker

Leading up to Showcase

Plus minimal hours ongoing throughout year


Commitment / Hours:

Fall: 3 to 20 hours

Spring: 3 to 6 hours

# Volunteers:

5 to 10


Type of Work:

Social Media Support: videos, photos, posting

Nutcracker signs

Coordinate pop up shows

Coordinate Vilar Center & Beaver Creek Marketing

Street Team to distribute flyers/hang posters supporting events

Organize/participate in Street Team promotion

Website/PR Support

Flowers & Boutique


During Nutcracker Shows


Commitment / Hours:

2 to 3 hours per show


# Volunteers:

3 to 4 per show for both flowers and boutique at each show 

Type of Work:

Helping Customers

Taking Payments

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