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Vail Youth Ballet Company dancers have several opportunities to raise funds that will go directly into their personal dancer fund account to help off set costs of the New York trip, summer dance intensives, and any other dancer related education costs

Butter Braids

Selling period: October 2 - 20, 2023

Dancers receive 40% of sales

Ordering Instructions:


Set up your personal online sales page:

Butter Braids Fundraiser SET UP HERE


Paper forms are available at the studio also. 

All items ordered will be delivered to VVAD on October 27 at 4:00 pm and it is your responsibility to pick orders up and deliver to your purchasers.  Please note, these items are frozen and MUST be picked up that day!  THE ARE NO SHIPPING OPTIONS so sell local. If you can not arrange to pick up your items please do not participate in this fundraiser. We can not store items for you.

Any questions on these fundraisers, if you have ideas of new fundraisers or to check your dancer education fund, please contact Meggen at

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